10 brands of men's NATIONAL TENNIS

When it comes to men's tennis shoes, when we think of a good brand, practically only adidas and nike sneakers spring to mind, doesn't it?

Cheap sneakers seem to be something out of our imagination when looking for a quality sneaker.

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However, the good news is that several national men's sneaker brands exist and, among them, several deliver excellent products at a much more affordable price! Original models, bold and technological creations, visually beautiful and, of course, comfortable specimens are among the national men's sneakers that we have selected in this list!

We took national brands that really stand out in the market and we are going to present some models that will leave your jaw dropped. Ready? Let's go!

Discover 10 brands of men's national sneakers:

ÖUS store

We have already talked about the ÖUS store here! In a recent article, we indicated several national shirt brands for you to know, and ÖUS was among them. The brand's independent proposal is to transpose personality in casual sneakers influenced by skateboarding.

The models of the men's sneakers are made of various fabrics, but of excellent quality, and the designs are very inspiring and modern!

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Another highlight among the national men's tennis brands that you need to know is Freeday! It was born in 1952 in Rio Grande do Sul, hidden in Mr. Antônio José de Freitas' basement. In 1990, the brand became what it is today, and now it is one of the largest companies in the national segment.

The brand unites design and technology in pieces that fit the trends of men's fashion, without escaping from the usual and practical. One of the technologies implemented in men's tennis shoes is the sole with Pro Vulc Technology, a differential of the brand when it comes to comfort.

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Mad Bull

The Mad Bull brand emerged to create products aimed at young people who are always looking for current trends such as: urban style, skateboarding, and music.

With the face of streetwear fashion, the sneakers from this company, which is one of the most different brands of men's national sneakers, are innovative and resemble imported models, such as the adidas and vans sneakers.

To buy the brand's models, just go to one of the largest multi-brand stores in the streetwear segment, Ska Skate Rock.

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Vibe Store

Vibe Store is one of the best Brazilian men's tennis shoes brands, with several models that resemble Vans shoes, for example, but with their own personality and a very Brazilian touch.

Although Vibe Store has several models for skateboarding, it has dozens of casual men's sneakers for you to wear elsewhere - and also for other exercises.

For those who want comfort and attitude, it is a full plate.

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QIX is one of the national men's tennis brands that has been in the market since 1991. The company's focus is skateboarding, but its differential has always been its constant concern with product quality allied with encouraging sports. In fact, it participates in the organization, support, and sponsorship of championships and events.

In other words, besides producing men's shoes with personality, the brand also fights for the cause.

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With a more fashionable and modern approach, Vert's sneakers work with a combination of ecological and sustainable materials. In fact, this is the brand's proposal: to use raw materials consciously and provide producers with a fair and respectful confection.

If you are interested in social causes, it is worth taking a look at the brand's website! They are very concerned about the environmental impact of making their products, and also about social projects in the regions where the raw materials are taken from.

Not to mention that the sneakers are amazing, right?

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Freedom Frog

Freedom Frog is another one of the Brazilian men's tennis shoes brands that we thought it would be nice to mention here! Their shoes have a very interesting and different finish, with a mixture of fabrics and patterns that result in different productions from the other shoes we see in the Brazilian market.

While there is a clear inspiration in skateboarding looks, Freedom Frog's sneakers have their own essence that is easy to identify. You can find leather sneakers, suede sneakers, and other materials in different colors and with unique traits.

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Hardcore Footwear

Hardcore Footwear is one of those national men's footwear brands that you won't easily forget. Their apparel has a lot of personality and is extremely unique - as well as being comfortable, of course.

The store delivers all over Brazil and has a physical store in the Jardins neighborhood, in São Paulo. To buy one of the models, you can pay in up to 10 installments on your credit card! But you can be sure that, although it may seem otherwise, the sneakers have a fair price for the quality of the production.

Did you have any doubts on how to wear sneakers like these? We have already written a complete article giving tips on how to wear it with sneakers, check it out!

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Focused on shoes - not necessarily sneakers - the Villione brand was born inspired by Italian shoemakers. With a handmade and elegant touch, it creates timeless designs that are easy to wear in more formal settings.

Instead of wearing a more corny and outdated sneaker, you can wear one of Villione's sneakers crafted with noble materials. It will be worth it, see?

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Pace Company

Were you impressed by the grandeur of the above sneaker? Well, let us introduce you to one of the most distinctive national men's sneaker brands on the market, Pace.

The model above, for example, has a silhouette designed in the formats that marked the sneakers from mid-2014 to 2015. Elastic straps on almost the entire upper, weave of the fabric made entirely by hand, strap by strap, and heel made of genuine cowhide leather.

The sole has the "Gum" color mat, and the EVA midsole with genuine leather rear stabilizer in natural color.

All this ostentation is completely visible in the video of the "production process" that the brand publishes on its website. The laborious details of the creation of the models, and also of the production of the sneakers, are impressive!

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